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Fireflies #6
October 2018 
216 pages
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An in-depth look at the cinema of Alain Guiraudie and Albert Serra, featuring longform interviews with both filmmakers alongside eclectic responses to their oeuvre from writers and artists.

These include a psychogeographic exploration of cruising spaces in Guiraudie’s native Occitanie; a series of playful, animalistic drawings inspired by Serra’s multi-camera cinematography; and an array of essays, stories and poems informed by themes from both directors’ films.

Exclusive to this issue are an excerpt from Guiraudie’s Prix Sade-winning novel Now the Night Begins and an original translation of Serra’s essay ‘Chess: Of War and of Life’, a political, philosophical and art-historical rumination provoked by the 2009 World Chess Championship final.

Original contributions by Erika Balsom, Kaspar Bosmans, Elizabeth Bryer, Giulio Bursi, CAConrad, Phil Coldiron, Cruising Pavilion, Paul Dalla Rosa, Luise Donschen, Veronica Scott Esposito, Bruce Hainley & Wayne Koestenbaum, Howard Hampton, Frédéric Jaeger, Dane Komjlen & James Lattimer, Michael Koresky, Dennis Lim, Luc Moullet, Peter Polites, Pierre Senges, Michael Sicinski, Jacob Siefring and Masha Tupitsyn.

Cover art by James Geoffrey Nunn.

ISBN 978-3-9819186-5-6
ISSN 2364-642X